Mint Espresso: How it all started

Created 17 June 2019

Whole story Dance Please Shop began in dancing studio where we were selling our leggings and other products. After some piriod of time, people who were dancing in other studios or who lived in other sities or countries started wondering about our clothes and accessories. It was a reason to open own show and we did it.

15th of july we created new leggings Mint Espresso.The idia of pictures that we used for legginds was come up with during drinking coffee.

 After halt of a year we created some new leggings for collection "Something to drink". But to tell the truth for me Dance Please Shop began with Mint Espresso and print with long-hair girl in her favourite element.

Pole Sports Russia 2019

Created 24 May 2019

From 15 till 18 May 2019 we were partners with IPSF championship Pole Sports Russia. We made exclusive design for bags with IPSF's logo. Those who were on competition could see them and buy one. 

This year the competition took place in Gatchina, Saint Petersburg region. All days the weather was unusually good and sunny, so everybody could spend their free time sightseeing. Four days we were in the thick of things, watching participants, judges and organizers. It was cool to meet our customers face-to-face! Those who tried on and bought our stuff could make it a test-drive: there was a pole near our stand. 

Our collection has expanded with children's clothes (we're about to add it on our website!). We hope to see more little customers in bright unicorn leggings very soon 🦄 

All who participated in these competitions were incredibly cool! We watched your performances with excitement and fascination. 

Thanks to organizers for this important and outstanding event! 

Just for Inspiration

Created 12 July 2017

Once one client asked me to draw redheaded girl - only illustration on paper. Long time I jittered and thought about price but in the end it was one of the best pictures.

It inspired me to draw new illustrations that were really cool: not because of good technique of drawing, but because of atmosphere that I felt looking to the picture.


I am glad that I worked with russian and international clients. 

 Idia to use "living lines", watercolour heels and dabs of paint in desing of clothes.

Pole Sports Russia 2017

Created 4 May 2017

Perhaps the preparation for Pole Sports Russia 2017 was the most multicomponent event in the history of our partner-sponsorship competitions.
It may be funny for you, but it was really exciting for me: send the logo for printing on a huge banner, think over what clothes will be presented, develop a gift with Polina Volchek for the Elite category (here in the photos you can see this cute handbag with a pink-haired heroine ), spontaneously compose the Unicorn collection and begin to implement it, print postcards and flyers, everything is a little spontaneous, because I was recovering from an injury and if it weren’t for the help of my relatives, I would clearly not have pulled out all this load.

As a result, it was an amazing two days of well-organized competitions, I was glad that I could go home to sleep (not to the hotel), it was joyful to watch performances, and a special point was participation in the award ceremony. This, by the way, is no less exciting (well, or I'm lying, still less ..) than being a contestant and getting the coveted medal.
In general, thanks for what it was, thanks for all the pleasant moments and all the lessons learned.
We look forward to Pole Sports Russia 2019, where we are partners too.

Pole Dance SHOW 2016

Created 6 February 2016

This was our first competition where we were partners.
Before that, at the competitions I acted only as a direct participant: false eyelashes, rhinestones, preparation of the number, that’s all.
It’s always difficult for me to be just an observer, but participation as a partner always creates a strong emotional involvement: you get used to being an online store, and then hop! - feedback, acquaintances, people can try everything on, get a discount (by the way, we always make a discount on the entire assortment that we were physically able to bring to the competition site), just say hello in the end, because that is the pylon world that I I know - kind and big. I may not remember the names, but many faces are familiar to me.

At this competition in Moscow everything seemed wonderful and unusual: for the first time working with an assistant, for the first time selling something to your real people, the living people who are right in front of you, for the first time dragging a huge pedestal and stand from Petersburg to Moscow (and back), for the first time turning to help of all the people around, if only this event, for its part, would make a reality.

Here I want to share some pictures from the beginning of our journey as event partners.
Photos will not convey all my current experience, they will not tell about mistakes and advantages, but just look - we were there and we were cool there.

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