About Us

Hello, my name is Maria and I'm creator of all drawings and designs for Dance Please Shop.Everything has its beginning - so once I just came to pole class and became addicted from the first sight.

So it was the same with the aerial silks and lyra. First you are a surprised beginner, and then... you stand behind the scenes and wait when host announce your entrance to the stage.

That kind of atmosphere "Making possible from impossible" - it's just fascinated me. After my training sessions I sat at the table and drew the pole, about the pole, all my thoughts and dreams. I published my works, people liked, so, a little bit later my first leggings was appeared (for the studio in which I was engaged), thermocups for Russian Pole Acrobatic Federation and numerous posters for pole dance performances. I started to think about development of my business and decided to create my own collection, considering only my personal vision.

So, September 1, 2015, Dance Please Shop was appeared, the first publication in the Instagram account was posted and the first leggings Mint Espresso was sold.

Since then, dozens of pictures have been drawn, kilometers of sutures have been sewn and many levels gone, you sent us hundreds of cool photos from all over the world, sat on dozens of splits and together we did a very important job... when you sit down after your long day, after training, after a day of work, after a new learnt trick from class then "Wow, and I... I can do it".

This feeling is fantastic and we want to thank you very much for choosing us for such small but important moments.

I am very pleased that parts of me, my drawings, my clothes - continue to live their lives on different continents. Whattahell, I wasn't be there, but my creation are! It's a happiness, isn't it?

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